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Written on Jul 29 07 // Cute Guys.

Clive Barker’s Lord of Illusions (1995) follows a case of detective Harry D’Amour (Scott Bakula).   D’Amour, who has previously been involved with the supernatural, heads from New York to LA to track a man suspected of insurance fraud.  Along the way he stumbles into an occult battle that started 13 years before.  He’s hired by the wife of Swann, the world’s most famous magician, to protect him from from the cult that surrounded the evil magician he helped defeat.

The movie is not bad, plenty of blood, plenty of guys running around scantily clad.  Lots of scenes with Scott Bakula without a shirt.  What more could you want?

A couple more caps.

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    OMG Scott Bakula is my post Tom Selleck binge! Hotness!

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    Hi friends,
    Just a ‘quicky’ to let you know my blog address has changed LOL
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    Yeah, Scott has always been hot IMHO.

    Shaney: best of luck with the new blog address!

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    Nice captures from a OK movie!! At least Scott being shirtless makes it tolerable,

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