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Ryan Carnes, Scott Lunsford, Jim Verraros

1 Comment // Mar 31 07 // Gay Movies
Ryan Carnes, Scott Lunsford, Jim Verraros Eating Out (2004) involves a straight guy (Lunsford) who's gay roommate (Verraros) convinces him to pretend to be gay to get girls. To get to the girl he wants, he has to date her gay roommate (Carnes). [nggallery id=172]
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Daniel Craig

Comments Off on Daniel Craig // Mar 26 07 // Cute Guys
Daniel Craig Daniel Craig - the latest James Bond in Casino Royale.
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James Wilby, Hugh Grant, & Rupert Graves

1 Comment // Mar 24 07 // Cute Guys | No image available 1987's Maurice presents James Wilby as the title character in this adaptation of E.M. Forster's novel.  In Edwardian England, Maurice falls for Hugh Grant's Clive Durham.  Clive decides his position in society if more important and dumps him.  Maurice then moves on ...
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Return of the Towel Boy

Comments Off on Return of the Towel Boy // Mar 20 07 // Cute Guys | No image available Jamie Bamber is back in his towel.  Thanks to "dryop" over on Live Journal. [nggallery id=174]
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Fernando Guillén Cuervo & Dritan Biba

1 Comment // Mar 18 07 // Cute Guys | No image available Bulgarian Lovers follows Daniel (Fernando Guillén Cuervo) a Spanish businessman who hooks up with a Bulgarian immigrant Kyril (Dritan Biba).  Daniel is drawn into Kyril's shady life as he falls for the erratic younger man. [nggallery id=175]
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Construction Workers Gone Wild

Comments Off on Construction Workers Gone Wild // Mar 15 07 // Humor | No image available Construction Workers Gone Wild on 
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Jay Wong & James Marks

Comments Off on Jay Wong & James Marks // Mar 15 07 // Cute Guys | No image available Under One Roof tells the tale of Daniel, a Chinese-American gay man (Jay Wong) who lives with his mother (who's studiously ingnoring his protests that he's not going to get married and give her grandkids).  They rent out their basement room to ...
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Alexis Arquette

Comments Off on Alexis Arquette // Mar 14 07 // Cute Guys | No image available Alexis Arquette is a gay artist in Never Met Picasso.  His uncle (Alvin Epstein) is also a gay artist, the love of whose life went off to war many years ago.  Then there's his actress mother (Margot Kidder) who has a ...
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