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Written on Feb 18 07 // Miscellaneous.

I found a new theme that seems kinda cool. It’s called Anaconda and comes widget ready.  It took a couple of tweaks (for some reason, I like having the tags show up on the main page, not just on the single post page). The support forum page for the theme gave me a tip for the biggest problem (so far) which was the ends of some of the sentences being cut off.  I kept looking in the body and the right side bar thinking the problems were there, but the forum pointed me to the left side bar, and voila, the broken words now show up.

I also spent time today upgrading some of the plugins (  There was only brief panic when the whole darn blog shut down.  Then I figured out to upgrade another plugin whose older version was conflicting with the upgraded one and needed upgrading itself.

Anyways, leave a comment here if the new format causes problems.


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    Since you did the updates I haven’t been able to get the pictures to enlarge. Am I doing something wrong, or have the upgrades changed something (I’m running on a large T1 line, so I know it’s not my speed or bandwidth)?

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    Clicking on the thumbnail pic should take you to a single post page with the large
    version of the picture. It’s working in IE, what browser are you using? And is it all the pics or just some of them?

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