Peter Krause

Written on Sep 18 06 // Cute Guys.

A few pics of Peter Krause from Six Feet Under.

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  1. 2
    Tony / San Francisco

    The fuzzier the better. What a yummy man!

  2. 3

    oh but i do love the fuzz on my men, good god what a dream boat, i’m still salivating….

  3. 4
    A peter kruase fan

    I love his hairy chest! Thanks for posting these captures!!

  4. 5
    A peter kruase fan and lover

    Can you please get his bare chested captures from “Dirty Sexy Money”?

  5. 6

    This is the coolest man ever.

  6. 7
    ramy/ Egypt

    hot as hell, and his face is one of the most handsome faces I have ever seen

  7. 8

    this man is absolute hotness! he is so handsome and so sexy, love to give him a tongue bath!

  8. 9

    Hot! I always wanted him to have a bl*w j** scene with the black dude on 6 feet under.

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