Jason Beghe

Written on Aug 05 06 // Cute Guys.

In Monkey Shines (1988), Jason Beghe plays a paraplegic who recieves an experimental helper monkey – an EVIL monkey.  I remember seeing the movie on TV and halfway watching it.  I don’t know that the sponge bath scene was in there when I saw it, I’d probably have remembered that.

beghe4 jason.jpgJason_beghe01.jpgbegheJason Beghe in Monkey Shines.jpg

I think To Have and to Hold was a TV series from 1998 where he played a detective of some sort.


And I’ve no idea where this came from

bath2Jason Beghe.jpgbath1Jason Beghe.jpg

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    Mitch Miller

    Never really noticed this fine daddy till seeing him in the “Atlas Shrugged” movies.

    He is completely delectable in so many ways…(sigh)

    Hey, thanks for these pics, dude.

    You’re obviously first class all the way 🙂


  2. 3

    Yeah, one of my faves from way back when he was in Monkey Shines.

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